Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Crazy For You

Here is something that i wrote before i left minnesota. It's not finished but i wanted to write it while i remembered! I hope you all like it!

Time to say goodbyes
after many hellos
how to say it i really don't know
but as a girl you call your friend
its necessary to tie you all in
i never thought my dream would take me away
one thousand and nine hundred miles today
But each one that passes, i will know
Minneapolis you've made me smile,
you've also made me grow.
The people i've met,
and the things that i've done,
will be in my heart forever
acting as my very own sun.
For now they guide me to the west
and what follows is an attempt
to make my words their absolute best.

Since we were six,
and drilled holes in trees with sticks
you have been around.
Bold and eccentric,
i think that's why we first clicked.
From sledding in winter,
and beaches in summer,
you will always be one of my front runners.
In my heart you will stay,
Til my blonde hair turns gray.
I love you forever Miss Chanel A.

As you ran around the bases,
there were many cheering faces.
In our yellow "jersesys"
that's when life was not so topsy turvy.
You were at my party with the pony.
Never in my life have you once been a phony.
Honest and true,
that's why i love you.
Extremely smart,
it's just an extra bonus that you are full of heart.
Your love of life is contagious,
the way you work seems hellacious.
Babyvamps you're truly amazing.
I admire how your fire in life is constantly blazing.
You attract people who know how to have fun.
I'm glad i got to be one of the lucky ones.
To call you a friend is a blessing.
I love you always and forever
babyvamps, shmem,
and most often known as my best friend.

Judge budge:
You were one of the first friends at school.
Little did i know together we'd be such fools;
sitting in my kitchen and meeting boys on my couch.
If you and gregg get married,
i'll be the one to vouch
that he got lucky
because you are beautiful, smart, and funny.
You stick up for all of us, ready to pack a punch
(not to mention your lady gaga crush).
You are gangly and it's great,
you never let other girls hate.
You are kind and you are grand,
always there to lend a hand.
I hope you know i'll miss you lots,
in the meantime party please!
I'll be stuck in solidarity
love you always, greer b.b.

There is a boy i know so well,
and a long time ago my heart fell
for his cute face and scruffy beard,
he grabs my butt but it's not weird.
He is brilliant in everything he does
except using spellcheck,
that's shmem and i's job.
He is too sweet and deserves the best.
In a dance competition,
he'll put you to the test.
He can move like none other,
and when there's music,
run for cover!
I'll miss your quirky self more than you know
love you to the moon joejoe.

You often get teased because you're so short,
i wonder if you'd ever resort
to a punch or a jab?
Or maybe a pinch like a crab,
but wait,
you're not that bad.
You have soul, you have 'tude.
We flashed new york our boobs.
Forgive me for sharing,
but you shouldn't be caring
because ever so sweetly
you helped me pretend to be "Dmitri".
You are loyal and sweet
without you, i'll weep.
But come christmas,
I'll see your bright, shining face
and it will feel like their never was a trace
of us being apart.
Until then, my friend,
time will move like a sloth.
I love you till the end Rachel M Roth.

Lil-bit, chief red buffalo, and elizabit:
these are all names i call you for the hell of it.
How to describe you, i'll never know.
But by using ebonics,
i hope will help show.
Gurl, i luv joo
alwayz have,
frum dat time in science,
when we waz doin dat lab.
Ur energy captured me,
i'll never forget:
king of the forest, and "wazzup betch?!"
chief woap and chief buffs,
friendth till da end.
Taking you away iz lyke breathing wit no oxygen.
A montage of songz,
a mix of crazy nights.
Having a lion for best freend is tight!
My love for you is deep,
like the silk pillows on which you sleep.
But seriously, don't theenk
i don't love joo.
I'm here for you no matter what,
for the days when you're stuck in a rut.
Espeyshally dose.
Pink is what you tickle me,
i love you always
-greer "griggle" bee

What a weird name, i thought when i heard
that your first name isn't even a word.
It's amazing in fits in that sentence six times,
let's see how many more we can fit in with rhymes.
Red head, great and (at times) hate,
special, extreme, punctured spleen,
exuberant, exciting, freaky (when fighting),
sweet, endearing, hard of hearing,
cooking-evader, cleaning up later,
like a key, opens doors for me,
boulder, skier, expert beer drinker,
paddle boat with greer. Wow i'm stopping here.
So as you can see,
there are a lot of words with E's
but you are the best,
it's rare for me to confess
that you are my favorite form
of t-time, of E.
It's not very rogue
to say you will always be a best friend to me
E Tyler Hoeg

Sadsim, puffin
I don't know where to begin.
You are as sweet as the colors of fall,
as enthusiastic as a 10 year old.
And as kind hearted as a wise old woman who has seen it all.
You have an outlook on life that seems to be:
Keep being you and i'll keep being me,
yes you fall,
and when you do,
get right back up,
and keep seeing it through.
You've taught me to be more thoughtful, loving, and carefree.
Please keep being you, because i'll keep being me.
Love you forever,
in my heart you'll be.
i love you tons
sincerely, greer b

Poundcakes are for eating,
but this poundcake is deceiving.
You mess with her and i doubt you'll get a gentle beating.
She is fiery, she is witting,
taking a bit might not be pretty.
She can romp, she can dance
When i was 9, i peed her pants.
She is loving, she is grand.
If she were able, she'd be my man.
She has my back, i have hers.
To describe our friendship there are no words.
I'll miss you, you'll miss me
but together we will always be.
Through your highs, and through your lows
I'll be here to scare your woes.
No matter if we have give and take,
or make skyping our only date,
i'll be here through thick and thin
because Caelli Feliz Wright,
you are my kin.

Like i said, not finished. Until next time

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Initation Weekend

so my first weekend is almost completely over. i have to say that being here on my own, more is less, has been beneficial. it's forced me to learn the routine quickly and become familiar with the horses. now they don't think i'm just some stranger coming into their stalls. another part of being here on my own has taught me another thing: exhaustion. last night i was ready to go to bed at nine (keep in mind it was a saturday night). i was too tired to shower even. yea, i know it's kind of disgusting but my body just didn't want to do anymore than it needed to. it was funny to lie in bed at 10 and think that my friends were somewhere partying or going out and there i was lying in bed, ready to pass out. i've stopped waking up and thinking i'm in bed at home. the room is starting to feel like home now, and so is the barn.
i saw the kitty again last night. as i came down to the barn from dinner and passed the hallway, i looked over and there he was lying next to a tack trunk. immediately i thought about trapping him in the feed room but then remembered suzie wouldn't be home for another day so it wouldn't be easy keeping him in there. i went over to pet him and he teased me by rolling on his back. then as soon as i was close enough to scratch his belly, he ran. i think i'm going to bring down a couple treats tonight.

so since raven is still not here i've taken to this one chestnut mare at the barn named risky. on wednesday night i had to be on colic watch with her. for those of you that don't know, a horse colics when there is pain in their abdomen. there are lots of different kinds and it can, in serious cases, kill a horse. so that first night i had to get up every two and a half hours to check on her and hand walk her. it wasn't fun but it made me adore her. now whenever i pass by her, or clean out her stall, i always give her a little extra love. she is in no way complaining; she half fell asleep today when i was rubbing her cheek. she's my object of affection until raven comes.

yesterday, i surprised myself. i'm not sure if this ever happens to you but sometimes i feel like i am not quite sure of myself and think that if someone asked me what i wanted to do, or where i wanted to go with this whole thing, all i could say is "hm that's a good question. i haven't figured it out yet." But last night, i proved myself wrong. the lady who was helping me clean stalls was asking me questions like "what do you want to do after, where do you want to be, do you want to do it full time" and so on. the crazy part was that i had answers for all the questions. i knew the answers without really knowing that i had known them. as i was responding to her, my mind took a backseat and my mouth kept going. and it wasn't wrong. i guess i knew, subconsciously, where i want to be eventually (back in minnesota), and what i want to do (train full time), and what i want my life to be like (happy). granted, these things are all probably going to change but it was relieving to listen to myself and feel confident that i have things i want to accomplish. its also comforting because it let me know that subconsciously, i'm always working towards something. so now i just need to get there.

one thing that i am kind of ashamed to admit, is how much i miss having the internet at my fingertips 24/7. There's no wireless at the barn, and in a way it makes me feel like a hermit. its sad how much i rely on the internet to keep in-touch with friends but thats the reality of our culture. my mom and dad are supposed to be flying out tomorrow (SO EXCITED!) and hopefully while they're here we can go buy a USB verizon connector or whatever that thing is. i mean come on, i need to at least be able to skype with my friends from the comfort of my adorable new room.

i'll try to post some pictures next time. thanks for reading and i miss everyone tons. until next time


Thursday, September 16, 2010


hey everybody! i have to admit it feels really strange to say that because i'm not actually talking to you. i'm just writing whats going on with my new, crazy, exciting adventure for whoever wants to know. i thought this would be the easiest way to keep anyone who wants to know, up to date.

ok wow. how can i even explain how my life has done a complete 180 within the last 48 hours. I am halfway across the country, trees are prickly looking, family is reached only through phone, days start at 7 AM and end at 10 PM, mountains are always in my line of sight, summer is back, and horses are not twenty minutes away anymore. so many things have happened since i've been here, and all of them have been great. I can't believe its only been two days. i need to get used to feeling like a sponge that needs to soak everything that's laid in front of me, up. there is going to be so, so, SO much to learn.

the first morning i was here we went to another barn to give lessons, and this place was unlike anything i've ever seen. the house was situated on top of a tiny hill and as you walked to the side of it, the little sanctuary made itself known. It was this adorable, little barn tucked away like a hidden paradise with a half arena tucked next to tall, flowery hedges. it's crazy that out here, the smallest piece of land is allowed horses. my mom has always said that she wants her dream barn to be connected to the kitchen, and here i think that would be possible. maybe. it was so cool and satisfying to be immersed into learning so quickly upon getting out here. I sat watching lessons and learning, and thought to myself "this is my life for the next year and a half, how lucky am i?"

i wake up each morning to walk across the hall to go to the bathroom and the horses can't stop talking to me; they think i've been awake long enough to give them food. little do they know, i am half asleep. the mornings are cold and crisp and the sun glows orange through the barn and bounces off the hills past the arena. there's not much green, but soon there will be. the time passes so quickly because i am constantly busy with something. for example, today in my "downtime" i vacuumed all the spiders and cobwebs out from the tack room. never in my life have i felt so creeped out, yet satisfied at the same time. it's going to be a weekly thing now. this morning i rode and it felt good to be on a horse. raven isn't here yet and i am beyond anxious for him to be. his stall is directly across from my room and i can't wait to wake up, give him a kiss, then go brush my teeth. i also can't wait to start working with him and see how he develops. ahhh so exciting!!

My goals are: learn everything, make mistakes, stay out of everyones way as much as possible or just be helpful, have fun, and get Susan's dog to stop barking at me. Also to trap the elusive barn kitty that sneaks around at night. Oh and not to get bit by a black widow. Easy enough. The one hard part will be not being homesick. I've already felt pangs of it here and there but being busy helps more than i could have imagined. Besides, once raven is here i will be fine. But it's not just him i miss.

well thanks for reading! I hope i kept you interested enough that you actually got to this part. until next time...