Monday, April 18, 2011


Hey everybody!
So i know that I am becoming worse, and WORSE about writing. I will say it now: I'm sorry. There are many days i find myself sitting in my room at night thinking "i should write" then decide that popping in a movie or reading to fall asleep after a long day of work is a much easier idea. But, tonight is different.

The show season has started...i guess you could say. However, out here there are shows year round because for some odd reason there is never bitter, freezing cold/winds/snow, you get the idea. Anyways, I've gone to three of them now. Raven (showing under the name Double Stuff because of his resemblance to an oreo) has done so well. It's uncanny when i unload him at a show and he is completely content with standing on the side of the trailer and taking it all in. Might i tell you that at home he spooks and snorts at the palms in the outdoor arena, and the chairs in the corner of the covered arena (that's the least of it). Who knows what gets into him once he is in the trailer on his way to a show, but whatever it is, I like it! We have gotten low 70 percents in all four of our tests! I've also shown the pony Tattoo. He is a handful mainly because he is a five year old pony. He definitely knows how to test me. But i love him nonetheless. He is a challenge to ride and has taught me a lot. Last sunday we went to a show without Suzie and he threw a nervous fit in the warm up arena; he was drifting all over the place, bucking when i asked for the canter, bolting around the arena after spooking at the name it, he probably did it. The amount of horses in there with us was just way too much for him. Needless to say, i was very nervous for our test. Luckily, once we got in the show ring he calmed down and i pulled a rabbit out of my ass. Thank god! We got through it and it was a great learning experience. I mostly learned that I need Suzie! (Yes, i'm joking...partly)

So this was the first week with Suzie being back from the UK where she taught clinics. While she was gone, i got to play boss for an entire two weeks. I managed the barn, worked the horses, taught the lessons, coached at a couple shows, and felt exhausted all on my own. Impressive huh? By the second week my routine was all worked out and the days went by fast and well. My days off were spent lounging on the couch barely moving; saving all of my energy i had for the next day when it all started again. I am pretty sure that i'm still catching up on sleep. It was very refreshing to see that i could do it on my own. From what i've heard, everyone was happy with how i did and that was my biggest goal. I wanted to ensure that the horses and clients were happy. This is suzie's business and i didn't want to put any less into it than she does, otherwise what good am i looking after it? I had a lot of fun, but was very relieved to have her back last week!

The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous, with the exception of the 95 degree days...but coming from Minnesota i really have no place to complain. Everything is still green and in bloom (i keep being told that soon it is going to all die and turn brown and crunchy...lovely) and when the breeze comes in the afternoon it smells like flowers and spring blowing all the way here from back home. There are wildflowers planted behind the outside pens and nestled in them, there are poppies: light pink, papery, poppies. They are beyond beautiful. Last nights full moon was also gorgeous. It hung low and lurking in the clouds around seven-thirty. Not to mention it was huge. There are so many nights i walk up to the house from the barn just in time for the sunset. I stand on the hill and watch it sometimes and it is so amazing to see the clouds turn from light orange and yellow to hot pink and deep purple. I like that part of the day quite a bit.

My kittens are no longer kittens, except for in spirit. They are ginormous, fluff balls with big blue and amber eyes. They act like they own the place, and as far as they know, they do. Merlin has become an expert at catching the small gophers straight out of their holes. It's pretty impressive. Royce ultimately steals them and finishes them off. Alison catches them as well but usually just uses them as entertainment and once she's bored, walks away. Typical girl. They are all lovebugs. Everyone is amazed at how friendly they all are. I adore them. Still.

Well that is about all for now. Of course there are always new horses, projects, and experiences but when aren't there. Just happy i FINALLY wrote again. I have to get better at this...

Until next time,