Friday, January 7, 2011


Going home is something inexplicable. It is a mix of memories, comfort, and anxiousness. Memories flood into my mind when I make the drive on the highway back to my house and drive around the city. Past adventures play out on the streets that I drive on, and remind me how much I loved growing up here. Comfort leaks from my house, my family, and my friends. I love that we behave as though no time has passed since the last time we were together. An onlooker would have no idea that we have been apart for months. That is one thing I am insanely grateful for; my friends are such an integral part of my life. They support me, make me laugh until I can’t breathe, give me advice from another perspective, and listen when I need an ear. They are all truly amazing people that I have been lucky enough to encounter early on in my life. I miss them everyday, and that makes coming home that much sweeter.

I think the anxiousness I feel when I am home is the worry that I have such little time to cram everyone and everything together. This time I was lucky enough to not have that be an issue, but I felt it at thanksgiving break. I kept worrying that I was missing something or someone. It was unsettling. I never would have guessed that I would feel anxious. The fact that when I am home I have no responsibilities may also be a contributing factor. To go from taking care of a barn all day everyday to being able to lounge for an entire day if I so desire, takes a day or two of adjusting. But I’d like to make it very clear that I am in NO way complaining. I love visiting Minneapolis.

About four days into my visit, I was sitting on the couch and suddenly had this intense desire to ride. If you love horses, you understand what that urge feels like. It’s like this craving to have a really good ride and get something done. I don’t know how to describe it yet. I’ll figure it out.

The day before I left I had an absolutely amazing ride on Suzie’s horse Hobo. It was a beautiful late afternoon; the rain had stopped finally and the sun was peeking through big, puffy clouds. I got on and immediately knew that everything was going to come together. Those are some of my favorite rides. You get on and it just feels one hundred percent right, and your head is in the perfect mindset to accomplish something as a team. Hobo was an absolute dream for me and it was so fulfilling and fun. I was on cloud nine when we were done.

Being back is nice. Coming back reminds me how much I absolutely love this and don’t want to do anything else. This is too much fun. Now it’s time to get into a serious routine because there will be no visits home for a long time. I’m kind of excited to keep learning and growing; so much has already changed so what else is going to? I can’t wait.

I hope everyone had a good holiday season surrounded with the people they love and that matter most. I was lucky enough to. I can't describe how grateful i am for all the people that are in my life. Thanks to all of you for being supportive, making me laugh/smile/happy, and sticking around.

Until next time...